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Potions & Puppies :: (1-5 Players, 30-45 minutes, ages 8+) A cooperative puzzle game with subtle resource management and press-your-luck elements. You and your friends take on the role of magical puppies, escaping a crumbling temple ruin and being chased by it's ferocious guardian! Dig up gems and use them to discover and brew potions to get past each room's challenge - work together and utilize your puppy's unique abilities before the temple guardian catches you! Coming to Kickstarter soon!

Appurritions :: (2+ Players, 90-150 minutes, ages 8+) A GM-less ttrpg (cooperative narrative game) where you help each other create your own kitty - then work together to stop a malevolent ghost from haunting your human. The clock is ticking and if your human gets too scared, they'll leave without you! Work together to create a story as you climb, claw and complain your way to victory with your clowder of cat friends. Coming to Kickstarter soon-ish!